• Module 1: Online assessment to check if the candidate has the necessary attitudes

    The first step in certifying a mentor, is selecting a candidate or several candidates in your organisation.

    In our profile of an effective mentor we talked about different roles and for each role, we gave a description of competences needed to take up these role.
    - Knowledge: what does a mentor needs to know?
    - Skills: which capacities does a mentor has to have?
    - Attitude: how does a mentor needs to be?

    Of course, we believe in the possible development of people, it is difficult to develop attitudes and moreover, it takes a long time.
    Therefore we believe that the chosen mentor has to have some basic attitudes that are necessary to take up the role of a mentor.

    To check if the candidate mentor has the basic attitudes, we propose a double assessment:
    1) A self-assessment, done by the candidate mentor (click here to start)
    2) An assessment, done by the manager or a close colleague of the candidate mentor (click here to start)

    After completing this module, you are able to proceed to the other modules (click here to proceed to the course)

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