E-pool for stakeholders' feed-back.

    Here you can find the on-line updated feed-back from the project stakeholders regarding the project and its outcomes – the score board is updated every time a new input is made. You can also find the description of each indicator by scrolling in the (+).


      Innovation (%) (+)
    It measures the intensity of the presence of new and distinctive features in the project and its outcomes, in fact, what distinguish them from others with similar characteristics and purposes. Till what extent is there added value and the development of new skills, comparing to conventional answers? ...
      Suitability (%) (+)
    It measures how far the project and its outcomes respect the culture, the social experience and the previous knowledge and training of target-audience and the organizations they were developed for and responds to their needs and problems regarding performance, employability ...
      Accessibility (%) or Usability (User-friendly) (+)
    It measures the proximity and familiarity of the target-audience and the organizations with the contents, the media and means of using the outcomes, particularly in terms of literacy and technology, clarity and transparency in language, ...
      Enhancement on knowledge on Mentoring (%) (+)
    It measures how the project and its outcomes contributes to develop knowledge and skills in the field of Mentoring, how far it goes with the promotion of Mentoring among the target-audience and organizations. Are the project outcomes suitable to enhance the target-audience knowledge on mentoring within a business?
      Empowerment (%) (+)
    It measures the extent to which the organizations and users of the project outcomes were involved in their design and development and to what extent the mentioned outcomes contributes to the integration, autonomy, promotion of participation of the target-audience in their organizational and social contexts.
      Equality (%) (+)
    It measures the proximity and familiarity of the outcomes to gender equality issues, to the respect of multiculturalism, to the values of the participation and social responsibility of individuals and organizations and the promotion of inclusive situations and realities...
      Transferability (%) (+)
    It measures the facility and the speed of transfer and acquisition of the outcomes by other organizations and professionals, containing evidences and narratives of experiences that demonstrate the outcomes potential.
      Utility (%) (+)
    It measures how the value of outcomes is perceived by the organizations and target-audience, how useful they are expected to be, to the target they were developed for.
      Accomplishment of expectations (%) ( + )
    It measures how close the real outcomes accomplish the expectations created by the project communication during dissemination, namely through project website, news-letters, events and other marketing communications tools. Do they match the expectations? In what extent?

    To participate in this evaluation, you just have to click here, to valorise the indicators and to save.
    You are invited to add your personal comments at the end.

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