For Mentors: questionnaire on mentoring relationship

My mentee expresses their strengths, weaknesses, goals and concerns freely and honestly

My mentee is open to me and feels free to share their thoughts with me

We made an agreement at the beginning of this relationship and we are aware on how to end the relationship when it is considered the aim has been fulfilled or progress is unsatisfying

The mentoring is also helping to me to develop myself

I devote enough time to my mentee

The mentoring training program is tailor made for me

We talk about mentoring, share information on learning styles , establish the boundaries of the relationship, mutually agree on the goals of the relationship, agree upon a meeting schedule, agree upon a time frame for the relationship

We are sharing effectively (freely giving thoughts, opinions, concepts, ideas, experiences, hunches, techniques and learning with one another)

I have no concerns or negative considerations on this mentoring relationship

I will use this mentee mentoring experience as one of the future models

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